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Surface area (incl. water): 1.82 million sq. km
Population (2010): 145.5 million
GDP (current prices): $147.5 billion
Av. GDP per capita: US$ 1,014
Source: EAC Facts & Figures Report (2015)

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Market Size, Access & Trade Policies

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Regional trade integration is a cornerstone of EAC Partner States’ trade policies. This involves, among other initiatives, strengthening of...

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Your guide on EAC statistics

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If you are searching for EAC statistical information stripped to easy-to-read single-line statements, then this is the section for you.This section is handy for visitors...


East African Community Gazette

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The EAC recognizes the need to effectively and efficiently disseminate information, particularly legal notices.The East African Community Gazette [ISSN 0000211]...

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We are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it. Here you will find quick links the regional and international institutions whose focus is...